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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
What you specifically requested was the entitlement to do whatever you want with zero consequences. That's not how the world works. So you got a similarly infantile response to your idiocy.
of course you cant do whatever you want dummy, thats why we have laws, and there are always concequences to your actions like the fact that your knickers are now in a bunch. what i said is the feminazis went too far the other way! now the poor office guy cant talk to the cute secutairy without fear of a sexual harrasment suit. i said you should be able to SAY you have a nice arse, if i grab it thats a different matter intirely. its not one extreame or the other, its let get back to the middle ground. now im off to burn my boxers, go team masculist!

if you have a higher thread count than egyptian cotton, GET A LIFE! tm me. fuck dane cook.
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