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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
Do you think we could start up a game swap between us?

I'm trying to play some more video games, but everything is so expensive...
I figure there might be enough of us that, if interested, we could swap games with each other?

I have Sims 3, you want to play it, I don' have Rainbow Six, I want to play it..swap...maybe swap back when done, or an actual trade...I don't know...just thought I'd see if this idea sounds appealing to any of you.
Hey dude, I have Rainbow Six: Vegas for the 360 if you're interested?

Also... got Red Dead Redemption. Fucking fantastic. Single player is great. Multi isn't too bad, but would definitely be better with a possee. GT is in sig, look me up if you want to kill some ppl online.
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