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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
Hey dude, I have Rainbow Six: Vegas for the 360 if you're interested?

Also... got Red Dead Redemption. Fucking fantastic. Single player is great. Multi isn't too bad, but would definitely be better with a possee. GT is in sig, look me up if you want to kill some ppl online.
Let's posse up! I haven't touched the multiplayer yet, but the single player is pretty friggin' awesome so far. I was riding my horse back to the MacFarlane ranch when some dude came running up to me screaming about how his brother was going to be hanged for a crime he didn't commit and how I needed to save him. I rode off to help his brother, shot the dudes but didn't cut him down in time so he died. As I was getting off my horse to loot the bodies, I was suddenly pounced upon by a mountain lion and both me and my horse were promptly mauled to death. Sweet!
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