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Originally Posted by marina View Post
William Carlos Williams. But why?

The red wheelbarrow is an absolute shit poem that means absolutely shit until you hear the (supposed) backstory and you get it. This country doctor looking out the window for a brief moment while trying to save a dying girl.

It's apparent garbage with so much subtext.

"Hooters Managers = Failed Strip club manager." is so...succinct. It says it all. It is better than the red wheelbarrow.

Not like, some people could argue it was better. It cleared up the issue that was the red wheelbarrow. The red wheelbarrow needed the dying girl explanation to make sense. Hooters Managers = Failed Strip club manager. Just does it. Perfectly.

Well, I would have capitalized club manager. No. I would have un capped all managers and capped Club, thus Hooters managers = Failed Strip Club managers.

Then let the literary types argue over the capitalization of strip club for the next 50 years.

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