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Originally Posted by metal_martha_stewart View Post
Meh. Hooters is retarded, and so is that chick. I mean, she works there, right? You can read the Hooters handbook on The Smoking Gun, and if you're a big enough asshat to agree to that crap, then I think you kinda deserve what you get. She's not fat, but whatever. She works at Hooters. Just my two cents.
I agree, she knew what she was getting herself into. I used to work at Hooters when I was a teenager (and I was an asshat) and they make you wear your hair down a certain way (which was against health codes at every other restaurant I worked at but whateves..), they make you do your make up a certain way. You have to change in and out of that dumb outfit in the store like a stripper because you can't be seen outside of work in the "Hooters brand". If you keep any part of your uniform after you work there, you get charged something like $200 for it. It's pretty militant. I only lasted a month or two. If she had been there for years, it should be no surprise to her.
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