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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
Hooters has the right to fire her, and the public has the right to say they're assholes for it. The restaurant is lame anyway. Just go to a strip club or the internet if you want to see naked chicks.
I dont get hooters either, but i guess it's for people who want to see real naked chicks (hence scratch porn off the list) but dont have the guts to go to a strip-club.

Also, hooters tries to play it as "funny". Which to me sounds as Playboy pretending to be "artistic", but that's another issue.

In Italy we have strip clubs, but also a bunch of hooter like places. One of the most infamous is a restaurand founded by a pornstar that basically takes the idea of hooters (only the chicks are way way worse than the one in this case, since they're basically gals who couldnt EVEN do strip clubs. do the math), adds to it a few tame sexual numbers, and all the food has sexual innuendos.

My father loved to go there with his co-workers. He paid a ton of money, they went there, got drunk and made rude comments to the waitresses (cause they felt allowed to do that as part of the deal). And they ate stuff like penis shaped pasta, hamburger shaped like tits. And oh, how fuckin' hilaaaaaarious was that to him.

So i guess hooters has a similar Frat vibe.

Anyway, this chick doesnt look fat to me.
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