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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Love the idea but reviewing that, would be basically reviewing Japan's national sport. Not much into sport shows.

Unless we did a three segment thing were we couple it with indians marrying cows (or frogs) and black people being black.

We'll make millions sir.
Nah, nah, we review actual movies. Sometimes we disagree. We claim we settle our disagreement with a live midget fight, but it's really stock footage of Japanese businessmen molesting Japanese women.

Midget wrestlers are unionized. Japanese subway footage is cheap.

Doesn't matter who wins.

And I hate to correct your grammar, but it should read, "and black people being Black."

BLACK or Black! or Black, muthafucka! is very specific, so stick to Black. "black people being black" means either Irish or Jamaican. Really only clears up in context.
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