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Originally Posted by raym View Post
someone just told me about this, and i didn't believe it until i googled it, but this happened.

BBC NEWS | World | Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

unbelievable! this is what happens when off-shore midgets try to fight
Snope off! Lion vs. Midget

Any league, even a non unionized scab league, of midgets would have at least one dwarf.

Most people don't know the difference.

A dwarf will not so much defeat the lion as make it his or her steed. He or she will then use the lion to hunt alpacas, which dwarves consider a delicacy. Llamas, too hard, Vicunas too soft, Alpacas, just right.

You won't find that on Snopes cos it's true.

PS, the BBC would say 'little people' or 'wee cambodian luchadors'. Midget is offensive.
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