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Originally Posted by marina View Post
What if we make our actual cats fight? And don't pretend like you don't have one. All feminists have cats.
See, Blitz, there are differences between feminists. Some feminists are not Mexican and some want small animals to fight to the death to amuse us.

No! No Marina! Just cos there are cock fights doesn't mean there have to be pussy fights.

Originally Posted by marina View Post
have no idea who the sith are, but I approve.
I'm gonna put my cowboy boots up on the table and chuckle. (note to self: buy cowboy boots)

You're one of the most respected/anticipated posters on the Weird Pics from the Internet v2.1 thread. You know the Sith.

Oh, I'm wrong?

Would Blitzgal ever approve something without at least googling it?

You're showing your hand Darth Maulrina.
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