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I've been playing Diablo II again.

After playing with Torchlight, it was tough to get used to the old school PC gaming hard assery.

The respawning monsters, the awful saving, the constant need to backtrack, the weapons with limited life.

But boy do i still get sucked in with that style of games. I start one session and i have to be pried off the monitor.

THat's like the lighter side of fantsy RPG. Dragon Age has me all serious about my character, what he says, hhis fate, his decisons (much more than mass effect BTW. Dragon Age makes constantly ponder about everything. And i'm a guy who doesnt ever ponder any decision, in life). Diablo and Torchlight are just about running in the corridors of The Death-Maze of Urzus the Unsmellable and slaying things.

So in the end i got hooked on impulse driven to buy a diablo clone i missed (Beyond Dvinity).

Now, to find "Mythos" and "Fate"...

PS: Yea, i'm obsessive about stuff. I'm that way.
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