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Originally Posted by thepetek View Post
Imma Continental Op you here and point out that if you didn't know, you wouldn't have commented.
You knew what a Sith was, but did you believe Marina didn't?
Yeah, figured she did.
Aw, c'mon, you guys aren't all gobsmacked about remembering we could double quote are ya?
I'm gonna start walking away, maybe light a cigarette. Take a puff.
Good idea.
Bahh, What...eeeeh, were you doing in 1976?
I was almost 10 in the Summer of '76 and I was watching Star Wars in an unbelievably packed theater and I sat on the arm of the seat and up against the wall so my 4.5' person could even see the screen.
Anyway, you and Brian either own lightsabers or don't--but because they aren't 'real' enough.
No, but my son does. Does that count?
Long/Short little jealous that you two and Marina (at least) have a Star Wars club and I never even got to be a page. Fine Padu Pada Pade.
Ok, you can join.
Fine, I'm gonna go put on a red shirt and join that other
Ok, at least it'll get you your SAG card.
It's a trap. Khan!
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