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Originally Posted by Forbin View Post
No way, I can't agree with that. The original Star Wars, Episode 4, whatever you want to call it was a ground breaking movie. Admittedly, it may not stand up for a modern audience as things have moved on but I feel we have to respect Lucas for creating a whole genre of cinema.

Also, Raiders is a good movie I think and that one does hold up.

BTW, sorry for jumping ship on you back there Standardman.
Like I said, a great technician and important for cinema. But his directing and writing? Godfuckingawful. As a rule, the less involved with Star Wars he is, the better it is.

Raiders is great but Lucas didn't direct it.

Don't worry about it, I wasn't expecting or after any support from the show/community and it doesn't really matter what people who don't know me or Maddie think of myself and Maddie. Just needed to actually talk to Maddie and try and make things more...cordial. It was a little drastic but it kind of needed to be.
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