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I was looking for comedy on CdBaby. A guy named Keith Malley was reccomended for whoever liked Stanhope.

Since i was at the peak of my "I gotta keep myself interested constantly" phase, i looked him up.

A search on wiki shows me this picture of a guy with beers taped to his hands. Hmmm.

Listen to a couple of clips. Buy "Sue Everybody" on iTunes. Whoa. He's a douche AND he's funny.. And he's so... so.... raw. He wasnt try to buy my laughs. He said what he wanted whether i liked it or not. Got all his stand up.

And i get curious about that sweet magnificient female voice featured in the bonus tracks.
Looking up again, i learn that this peculiarly named angel was one of the singers in the Conure One albums, which i loved. Actually she was that Nina Simone sounding, middle eastern-esque voice that made me shiver and tear up like a pussy.

Those two are a couple? But what's a podcast? WHo gives a shit. Let's try.

Whoa. Fuck Dane Cook? WHat a title. I HATE Dane Cook.


Hooked forever.
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