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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Donating plasma is very regulated in Italy. We never got money out of it. Also, much less people can do it lately, since your health is severely checked out before every donation.

But no one ever got a dime out of it. And it's weird in a country where pčeople would sell their children's organs for a few bucks (actual news, no joke).

It's the same in Australia. You don't get paid for donating anything - sort of why it's a DONATION.

e.g. in the US you can get paid as a sperm donor and as a plasma donor. A friend of mine basically paid his rent at college donating plasma and sperm. In Australia you can't be paid for that stuff.

And even if you want to donate it there's a super enormous questionnaire to complete. Like obviously I don't know what the sperm questionnaire is like, but the plasma and blood one includes everything from have you taken any paracetamol in the last two weeks to when was the last time you ate semi-sundried tomatoes from a deli (not in a jar)
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