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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
The heroic quest long predates Tolkien. This isn't to discount your point, just to add that you can't even tie it back to LOTR -- even Tolkien was ripping off some major fictional tropes with his work.
Sure. Didnt Tolkien take his cues from the basic nordic mythology?

I was stressing that mostly because when the LOTR movies came out, i witnessed the hilarious Nerd Vs Nerd debate about how supposedly Jackson ripped Star Wars in the scene where gandalf dies in Moria. The whole relation between Luke and Obi Wan has the strcuture of "dorky hero and old wise paternal figure with unspecified powers" that was in LOTR. The death is also similar.

As a very indifferent man that likes to watch everything but doesnt really get passionate about specifics, it was interesting to see how the LOTR trilogy was basically named the new Star Wars saga and the fights that followed that.

I would say that lucas mentioned his LOTR love in an interview, but i'm not sure. Wouldnt be weird, since he's basically a greedy dork.

Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
why is it always star wars vs star trek. what about us poor star gate fans. (battlestar galactica dosnt count cos the stars in the middle.)
Is Stargate the one where Kurt Russell travels through space and finds that aliens are egyptians with a a gay pharaoh? Meh.

If i have to go for star, i'll go for Starship Troopers. At least i had fun watching that.
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