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Ah, I still like the original Star Wars movie. Yeah, some of it is seeing it when I was a kid. But it's so...self contained. I can still watch it. I can actually watch all of them, sometimes shaking my head in disgust.

I think at one point Natalie Portman could act, but it seems like working with Lucas ruined her.

I mean, holy crap he can write some horrible dialogue. Which is why Obi Wan, all movies, is such a surprise. Maybe it was just two great actors pulling it off, but I think that's one underrated motherfucker. I think he was 3 steps ahead of Yoda, but didn't want the old dude to look silly.

I like the Trek too, can get into some of the Gate. Didn't have the ability to watch the Battle, but for all time Sci Fi bad acting space opera cheese, nothing beats Babylon 5.

Holy God I watched it all, cos I needed a sci fi fix and had too much time on my hands.

Side Noting: Yes, Tolkein lifted much from the Norse Prose and Poetic Eddas, right down to just about every dwarf name and Gandalf, the wand elf.
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