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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I was looking for comedy on CdBaby. A guy named Keith Malley was reccomended for whoever liked Stanhope.

Since i was at the peak of my "I gotta keep myself interested constantly" phase, i looked him up.

A search on wiki shows me this picture of a guy with beers taped to his hands. Hmmm.

Listen to a couple of clips. Buy "Sue Everybody" on iTunes. Whoa. He's a douche AND he's funny.. And he's so... so.... raw. He wasnt try to buy my laughs. He said what he wanted whether i liked it or not. Got all his stand up.

And i get curious about that sweet magnificient female voice featured in the bonus tracks.
Looking up again, i learn that this peculiarly named angel was one of the singers in the Conure One albums, which i loved. Actually she was that Nina Simone sounding, middle eastern-esque voice that made me shiver and tear up like a pussy.

Those two are a couple? But what's a podcast? WHo gives a shit. Let's try.

Whoa. Fuck Dane Cook? WHat a title. I HATE Dane Cook.


Hooked forever.
I made sure to have a "Keith and Chemda's Other Projects" button because of you. Even if you end up being the only one in that category and "Others" has more than 100 it will still have been worth it to make that a category.
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