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That's ambiguous. Apparently, now, after doing that horrifying cartoon with fart jokes and jedi apprentice who call each other "skipper", he says that the whole series was for kids and adults complaining are idiots.

I agree with his statement, but back then he said that he wanted to create a modern epic saga with big themes and a wide scope.

I have this suspicion that now he's hiding behind that "it's for kids!" stuff to justify the fact that his ideas were silly in the beginning and plain ridiculous now.

Two things more: "For kids" doesnt mean stupid and juvenile. There's plenty of animated movies or kis oriented stuff that isnt plain stupid or with retardedly goofy characters (see jar jar or even the ewoks). Any pixar movie, anything by miyazaki, and most of the warner bros animations. Now, spooky, you can deny that all you want and say that i'm mentioning overrated names (like usually most movie snobs do when miyazaki comes up) and i could still name more kid movies that were better done than star wars.

Monster Squad, The Goonies, anything by the early jim henson studio, the adventure movies with Ray Harryhausen's works (like the sinbad movies), Watership Down...

Star Wars had cool moments. Good directors that werent Lucas made the best episodes. The whole sxcope of the series was a good idea. But then Lucas' bad wiring, dated ideas, excess of greediness and complete inability to get what exactly makes a movie enetrtaining without sounding cheesy, ruined the series. And makes tthe whole franchise look like a rotten corpse now.
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