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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
I've got it too...... maybe a little bit of both?
Just beat it and I'm still undecided. The combat is entirely too repetitive and the enemy range is to narrow. Little guys, little guys that throw shit, really fast little guys, and big guys with a mix of "Shit that flies at you" sprinkled throughout the game. The boss fights aren't any better with the majority of the bosses being a ultra-fast little guys with big guy health and pissed off farm equipment. The story line is pretty decent but the only reason the ending isn't horrible is because I know there's DLC coming out to continue the story and if it works anything like the episodes included on the disk it will pick up where the story left off at the end of the game.

Frankly this was a trap in which the only way to escape is by piling money up until you reach the top and I'm snared right in the fucking middle of it.
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