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Why is so hard to say "I just dont know, i'm ignorant, i barely know my home address, who cares, i got a GPS", without justifying.

On another issue, i dont know if that's the same thing as Keith. But when someone i hold dear has an illness i usually feel the symptoms too after a while. I'm a bit hypocondriac, and that's a way that my head has to cope with the worry (doesnt mean it'žs their fault, it shows how big our heart is, Keith. because we care and suffer for them).

Also fuck EBay and mostly fuck EBayers. WHining scum of the earth. I bet they're all psychologist art students that scam people to pay their university fees.

I feel my arm tingling.

ADD: I LOVE JOHN. He's funny. He's hilarious. And having him on with Kyle is even better. Plus i'm manic and i have moments just like him. So i'm basically laughing at a funny version of me.

Relationship arent harder being that way. First, manic arent always up, personally the hyper moments are the funny ones. The bad part is when you're down, pissed and cranky. Then, usually we are medicated, or it would be worse. Finally girls get with me because they like me when i'm normal (or up) and usually see the low down pretty soon, so if they stick, they do like any other girl. My actual girls ignores me when i start venting too much. Usually that quiets me down. If not, she leaves the house.

Also Thompson, ya good. Do a demo.

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