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Originally Posted by evadwolrab View Post
W-... why?

On your own? ... Why?
Lol, no. Four tvs/monitors, four 360s, four people.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Looks like it was a competition thing.

Why not?
Why not indeed. It's something we do semi-regularly, my record is 28 hours of non-stop gaming, after which my mind broke and all the secrets of the universe were revealed to me and instantly forgotten.

Originally Posted by Sheepy View Post
What games did you have goin'?
In the screenshot, we're just warming up with (left to right) Bionic commando Rearmed, Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa. Once we got going, we went multiplayer with GTA IV, Borderlands, more Left 4 Dead 2 and finished with Resident Evil 5 (which is a different game in co-op).

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Both Mass Effect games are amazing. It's as close as deep emotional sci-fi as you get. Apparently they want to make it into a movie. Hope not.

And dragon ages is even deeper. Not a fantasy fan, but that game seems more of an epic drama about society and human weakness that happens to feature dragons and dwarves, than a common RPG
As ever, you make me consider an interesting point. A lot is made of the genre or setting of an RPG but it's really just furniture - a good RPG is about characters, world(s) and decisions, the genre or setting just lets you explore them.

Which, now I think about it, is why I get bored with Japanese RPGs - all the creative attention and effort is spent the the ornate furniture.

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