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Originally Posted by Diglass View Post
I've been playing that too, parts of the game I hate (like driving mechanics, never enough ammo or batteries) , but the game does have a very Lost/ Stephen King feeling to it, so I continue to play. The story is great.
Agreed with all except the "not enough ammo or batteries." I'm playing on hard and my inventory is either respectably full or completely full all the time haha. Honestly, other than repetative enemies mentioned by another KATGer, the over abundance of ammo REALLY takes the scare out of this game. Maybe nightmare is a little more difficult?

Red Dead Redemption is going well. Madeyeshawn - I will be posse-ing up with you in the near future. Maybe even tomorrow. I was on there today with a buddy and it was a friggin blast! Posse is the only way to play online.

Go Canada!
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