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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
As ever, you make me consider an interesting point. A lot is made of the genre or setting of an RPG but it's really just furniture - a good RPG is about characters, world(s) and decisions, the genre or setting just lets you explore them.

Which, now I think about it, is why I get bored with Japanese RPGs - all the creative attention and effort is spent the the ornate furniture.
That's because i am a genius.

I think that the reaction to the latest Bioware efforts is a testament to their great approach to their branch of games.

Anywhere else, you have developers who love to simplify their games and make them more and more about the looks or the adrenalin rushes than the power to take the player somewhere else. Nothing against adrenaline rushes, but even those have to be good or i get bored.

Both ME and DO have players debating their love for the characters, the decisions and the depth of the plot as much as the actual playing. And those same players approached ME2 with a religious zeal and with "IDONTWANT TOKNOWANYTHING" spirit that you see only for movies.

They got into the character of Tali, instead of the usual big boobed characters that teenage gamers have inconized in the past. A faceless alien. And all because her dialogue was natural enough to make her likeable.

The gameplay is amazing and simple enough to get you drawn into the games while still not making them simple or easy. And the story makes you feel like you HAVE to care about the characters.

Happened to me with Mass Effect 1 and 2 (maybe more 2) and it's happening again with DE. I shaped my main character exactly how i wanted him, by making him act and speak in a certain way and the virtyual world acts accordingly. Plus the characters have so many layer of depths, i dont ever know how any action will affect them or how they will act. Morrigan alone is a character of a complexity you rarely see.

Only Valve has done better with making me love a bunch of animated pixels. But.... i dont.... want... to.... think... about.... that.... (BUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUUUUUUU!!!!!)
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