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Dragon Age is hard to get into if you get the wrong character, and it's very slow at the beginning. First time i played, i used the human noble guy and i thought it was incredibly flat and lame.

You have to choose something different and act wildly. The game adapts to your choices in a great way, and shifts the tone completely. It's the quintessential great idea in that game and what's killing modern gaming and making it look retarded. Dragone AGe succeeds because it doesnt tell the player "either you do this action or you die or have a bad bad ending". It says "You can do this. You can do whatever you want. But everything you do will have a conseuqence. A BIG one."

Anyway, as soon as the Grey Warden initiation unfolds, it's one climax after the other. (and some sweet comic relief too. God bless Alistair)

That said, Mass Effect just made me so emotionally broken sometimes, it was weird. In the first one the dialogue with the Sovereign was the single most creepy moment i've seen in both a movie or a game. Whoever wrote those lines is a genius.
ME 2 is just an adrenaline rush. Usually i dont give a flying fuck about virtual charcters, and there i was getting angrier and angrier trying to save them all.

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