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I'm a human mage and I'm doing the whole Dwarf battle arena gig. But I haven't played the game in a while.

I guess I should say that I do enjoy the game but it's just not as awesome as I thought it should be. I have a lot of trouble with the AI. I'm not sure if my team is equipped incorrectly or maybe I just have the wrong team put together but I've gotta figure out why they keep getting fucked to death like unwanted Chinese kids.

My first run through on ME1 I lost one out of my team. The second time through I fucked up my dialogue with Jak and ended up loosing two. The third time through I tried to change it up, sent the wrong person to escort the crew back to the ship and lost just about everyone. It's like that goddamn game is toying with me and I can't help but keep plying it. But it's fun every time so I don't really mind.

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