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The team is weak at first, but if you have patience you meet some really good people on the road. It's not as clear cut as ME2, where you know from the start that those guys are the ones you should pick. It leaves a lot unsaid. I got frustrated too at the beginning but the game evolves a lot if you have patience.

From what i've been told, the main secret for saving lives in ME2 is having everyone's loyalty (and for that you must do all the loyalty missions, and try to stay neutral when it concerns jack and miranda), then pumping out all the ship's resources (mine the fuck out of planets and buy everything you can) and getting everyone at maximum upgrade both in weapons, armour, powers and experience. take more time in the playthrough.

Then at the end if you do that and assign the right people to the tasks (somewhere in this thread, someone posted a nice list in spoilerwhite) and you should get to the end safe and warm.

And then start waiting for ME3.
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