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That was endearing, but the aboslute perfection is every single scene in ep 2.

if you get HL2, everyone, get it in the orange box with the episodes and Portal.

First, because of Portal. Is there anyone in the universe that hasnt played Portal? I envy you.

Second because the episodes are everything good about HL2, but with the cool characterd development busted up to eleven.

Really, you can be a hard ass cold hearted piece of shit but at the moment where you go through a magnificiently designed level while notcing that the single most appealing fictional character in gaming history follows every progress you make from the windows without ever letting her well designed eyes off of you... Well, let's say that the line between reality and fiction gets a little fuzzier.

I am and always have been a very unsympathetic person, that very rarely gets involved into fictional things. But i'll always remember my Half Life 2 experience as the most soul shaking thing i've ever experience in any fentertainment/art form besides music.

Beats all Bioware games, and every movie i've seen. I never cared that much for a bunch non-existent beings.

Really there's no reason fo anyone not to play this game, and show valve that we still worship the series. Do that now or me and mr standardman will keep yapping on this thread for days.
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