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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
And she manages to be a realistic looking girl, too.

Which, in a shooter, where you play a mute physicians that's a s strong as the hulk and as agile as spiderman, is kinda refreshing. I love the shot of her face in her first appearance. I am always debated between my love for alyx and my love for glaDOS. Oh Valve, what a pathetic man you turned me into.

Also, geekity-geekity-geek-geek-geek episode three. Geek Geek Geekity Dog! Geek Geekity Portal two geek geekity yada yada geeek.
I know what you mean man. Most girls in gaming look like the fever dreams of a 12 year old who doesn't know how spines work so when you see a realistic looking girl, it's a pleasant surprise and you automatically feel more empathy for the character. Frankly, she's more attractive for it.

Someone made a graphics patch for Half-Life 2 and I tried it out. Some of the tweaks were ok but they did something unforgivable - they changed Alyx to this:

Made me just plain angry, I immediately uninstalled it.
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