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Is it okay to ask a girl out over face book (if you have met in real life)

Met a girl in real life at this club after classes (In college if thats important) met this girl probably the cutest girl Ive seen since I started school and I really want to go out with her. Introduced myself and talked a bit, was afraid of looking too desperate so after a while I sad I got to go and ran away like a little bitch.

Second meeting I talked some more with her, sat next to her, nothing really got too deep just joked around and what not, asked her if she had face book and got to be her friend on facebook. checked her out and she was single

This is about 2 weeks before winter break, winter break happens and everyone's classes switch, I saw her in the cafeteria in line at Wendy's asked if she was going to be at the meeting and she says she started taking a night course and couldn't go to the club.

Her status changed to in a relationship so I though eh fuck it there goes that. still was cordial and waved to her and stuff.

then her status went single and then a few weeks later I figured why the hell not, and I asked her out over face book, I really really wanted to try it in person like an adult but I couldn't find her and I figured what the hell do I have to lose.

I ask her out and she said that she would like too but lives off campus and doesn't have a car so has to get drove by her mom or sister. I would have offered to drive her but I was so afraid of sounding desperate beacuse I know that if I'm desperate thats the end of that.

So its been a while shes still single (according to face book atleast), haven't really talked to her that much so I was wondering what I could message her to try and re break the ice beacuse if the new semester starts and she doesn't have night classes, and shes local so shes here for the summer. I was wondering how to start talking with her some more like...

"hey its been a while, how you doing?"

I don't know, I'm clueless on this stuff and If I ask her out again I will put "Ill Drive" in the offer so I wont have to bargain with her like a desperate salesmen

sorry for the long post, but I'm just the kind of person who thinks details can help decision making.
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