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Originally Posted by PaperBagHead View Post
Wether or not the commandos were attacked is not the issue, the boarding of the ship in the first place is clearly in violation of international law and classified as an attack. There weren't even any weapons on board.
First, I don't have a horse in this race, and I'm pretty ignorant about what is going on.

That said, the ship intended to break the blockade, it wasn't hiding that fact, right?

If a terrorist was headed to shore with a nuclear bomb, do you have to wait until it is in your waters to attack, or is imminent threat enough justification for nabbing it before it gets in range? If imminent threat is enough, how were the Israelis to know for sure what was on that ship?

Do we know for sure that the ship was in international waters? Do we know for sure that the ship never left international waters?

Initially, the Israelis were using non lethal force, were they not? Why and when did they escalate?

I'd like these questions answered before I start taking sides.
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