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Supposedly they were using paint ball guns to try to subdue the people on the boat. When things got ugly, they pulled out their real guns. I don't know if that is all true or not. I don't want to judge.

The problem with some of these "humanitarian relief organizations" is that they are being funded by terrorist organizations. I don't know if this is one that fits this category, but Israel claims it is.

I think the fact of casualties is horrible. However, we are really not sure about the circumstances. People put themselves in harm's way. I think it's horrible that the students were arrested as spies in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, they were stupid enough to put themselves in harms way.

Again, I don't know what is true in this situation, it's just all possible and plausible.
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You could be a terrorist and I would still continue to love you very, very much.
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