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Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
The ship was there with TWO goals: break the blockade and deliver aid. Both were the expressed goals of the activists. Israel offered to take the aid at the port of Ashdod, search it for potential contraband, and then deliver all non-prohibited materials to the Gaza Strip via crossings.

If this were purely an aid mission they should have gone to Ashdod.
I think the issue is in the definite of contraband. The last few aide convoys ended up at an Israeli port and there is some question as to whether the aide got to the people it was intended to get to.

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
As for alternative means, I'd love to hear a few from you. Israel warned the ships numerous times to go to the port of Ashdod. This confrontation has been boiling for weeks. It didn't need to happen.
Alternately, don't turn Gaza into the Warsaw ghetto?
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