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Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
It's certainly an issue. But THE issue here was breaking the blockade, not altering the types of aid allowed into the Gaza Strip.
Well, THE activists were unhappy with what THE Israelis consider contraband and have been challenging THE blockade because of that.

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
There are also legitimate security issues here. Ships breaking the blockade could be carrying just about anything.

Israel releases arms ship said destined for Hezbollah - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Last year Israel seized 500 tons of small and heavy arms headed to Hezbollah.
Maybe it's time for neutral inspectors?

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
This ship apparently had switchblades on board. Again, that's extremely problematic.
Sure, when you're a Jet you're a Jet. From your...I don't know something something Westside story. All that US paid for weaponry, yet they were routed by a bunch of Turkish fisherman with switchblades. Well, until they gunned them down.

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
As to Gaza being the Warsaw Ghetto it is:

a. Not in Poland

b. Has no Jews (Israel removed all Jews from there in '06)

c. Is under blockade from two factions, as opposed to one (Egypt and Israel)

d. Is governed by a terror group that has the established goal of destroying an existing nation state

e. Has committed, and continues to commit, acts of terror and war crimes.
Yes, I meant it was literally the Warsaw ghetto. I even said literally. Oh, no, I didn't. Hmm.

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
The productivity of the blockade aside, it's tough to see how Israel's at fault for a group of peace activists taking bats and switchblades to people using dispersal techniques.
Of course it is. Next time I shoot someone, I'm calling it a dispersal technique, too.

Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
And again, the blockade exists because without it arms smuggling into Gaza by sea would be extremely easy, and would allow Hamas to gain access to bigger and better weapons, something pretty much nobody wants to see happen outside of Iran.
And the blockade runners exist because they think it's improper to starve a people to death.

But hey, between the Israeli strike team and the Peace Activists, I'm on the side with the Holocaust Survivor.
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