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Originally Posted by thepetek View Post
Well, THE activists were unhappy with what THE Israelis consider contraband and have been challenging THE blockade because of that.

Maybe it's time for neutral inspectors?

Sure, when you're a Jet you're a Jet. From your...I don't know something something Westside story. All that US paid for weaponry, yet they were routed by a bunch of Turkish fisherman with switchblades. Well, until they gunned them down.

Yes, I meant it was literally the Warsaw ghetto. I even said literally. Oh, no, I didn't. Hmm.

Of course it is. Next time I shoot someone, I'm calling it a dispersal technique, too.

And the blockade runners exist because they think it's improper to starve a people to death.

But hey, between the Israeli strike team and the Peace Activists, I'm on the side with the Holocaust Survivor.
That's a part of it, petek, but not the entirety. Many of these "peace activists" are linked to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Global Jihad, etc.

This wasn't just about what is considered contraband. It was about totally ending the blockade, a practice that would have significant negative security ramifications for the state of Israel.

As for neutral inspectors, I'd love it, but we're nowhere close to that happening. And until we're there states are going to place their security first.

On to the Turkish fishermen with switchblades, again this goes back to Keith's concept of a "fair fight". First, a large group attacking one person with light arms is extremely dangerous. It is in no way outrageous to say this constituted a threat to the lives of the commandos. Second, responding to a knife attack with gunfire is hardly wrong. Meeting lethal force with lethal force doesn't violate any moral precepts here.

You brought up the Warsaw Ghetto, not me. Defend your point or don't bring up stuff that's not really relevant.

The commandos used tears gas, paintball guns, and flashbangs. Those are dispersal techniques. It appears that the shooting only occurred after the commandos were met with potentially lethal light arms and a service weapon was stolen from one of the commandos and fired.

These blockade runners aren't just interested in bringing in food. If they were they'd have gone to Ashdod. They oppose the blockade entirely, even in light of the security issues. This is because many of them don't care about, or actively support, Hamas, a terror organization that continues to attempt to kill Israeli civilians.

Between Israeli strikes teams and Raed Salah I'm gonna go with the strike team. Being a Holocaust survivor doesn't make one an automatic moral authority, especially when one survived in exile in the UK.

Raed Salah, conversely, raised funds for Hamas and Hezbollah, did jail time in Israel for it, and continues to advocate against the state of Israel. He even goes so far as to attempt to claim the Western Wall as part of a mosque.

So yeah. Gimme the strike team over the guy who raised funds for terrorist groups. He's no advocate for peace.
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