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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
I was just over at Digg, this subject is in the top whatever list there.

Reading the comments section, either I am very stupid or the Digg folk are. The top 100 comments are all calling Israel pirates and terrorists.

What am I missing? Are all my questions obviously answered somewhere that I am just not seeing? Sure, you can question the morality of the blockade, I can accept that, but the blockade is there. The response to the deliberate blockade running was measured and exactly what I would have expected. Why is this making major headlines at all in the context of controversy? This should be on par with one of those whaling protester boats getting run over by a Japanese ship, and that barely grabs media attention.

I'm not pro Israel, for the record. This whole thing seems like it played out in a very typical "duh, what did you expect" sort of way...
The only thing people didn't see coming was the death toll. And unfortunately that seems to be because few believed these activists would take knives and bats to commandos if boarded, or do something as patently dumb as steal a service weapon and fire it.

It's controversial to people who already have a position and desire to use the issue to reinforce their position.

On its own it's pretty clear that some folks were deluded into thinking they could break a blockade being enforced by a well-equipped military, and turned a rough and tumble affair into a lethal one out of sheer stupidity.
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