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I'm having a hard time taking a strong position on the subject. Most of the information we received on what happened is clearly biased against Israel.

My istinctive reaction would be to vent against the commandos and calling this a crime against humanity. But after discussing the situation with people who had worked there, actually delivering the humanitarian aids sometimes, things are way more complicated than they seem.

The israeli militia sees any form of attack to the Gaza blockade as something to be dealth with extreme prejudice. It's very similar to the reaction that any state under the pressur of tension would have.

But again, as a person who works in the humanitarian sector and seeing how 4 people of my country were captured (not saying i dont care about the death toll, just admitting that the direct involvment of people from my country gives this a different edge for me), i am very very tempted by the notion of nuking that damn country to the stone age.
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