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Originally Posted by Dee View Post
You're about a month late on that joke, Abs.

Better get a pregnancy test!

I love you, Dee. Marry me!

Originally Posted by Q czar View Post
Isn't the Ipad just 2 Iphones duct taped together?
You missed the post with the picture, didn't you?

Originally Posted by hellbent View Post
i picked up a 16gb ipad last week, i love it. i do not have a laptop nor a kindle so it is perfect for me. i transferred over my mp3's and filled up most of it - then realized i probably wont listen to many mp3's on it since i have my iphone.
That makes me think I don't need anything more than the 8gb if I get it.

I can't imagine listening to MP3s on a device that big.

Jeff, thanks for the post about typing.

I hate apple, and everything they stand for in so many ways, but dealing with constant frustration and a lack of fun with my Windows Phone devices, I'm now at the point that I think an iPhone/iPad is the way I want to go.

I'd only be getting the wifi version because, well, I don't see the need to put mobile internet on the device, which may in turn defeat the purpose... Personally I think an iPhone/iPod Touch would be a better device for me, but the iPad looks so.... perdy...
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