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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Dragon Age, for example, needs involvement and when you have it, it's way more rewarding.
I traded my D.A. 360 for D.A. PC (and actually made money on the trade) and then immediately lost all interest in ever playing that game again.

No offense to you pc gamers but consoles have really created a powerful disconnect with my gaming habits.

PC gaming Library:

Dragon Age
Telltale collection (secret of monkey island, wallace and gromit, exct...)
Rome Total war
Diablo 2
Beyond good and evil (never played it on console)
Knights of the old republic (never beat it on console)
World of Goo

of this library of pc games I have probably only played about 10 hrs TOTAL!!!

an easy solution would be start taking my lap top to work and game during my commute/lunch break.
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