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I think a lot of potential freak shows are ruined by the advancements of science/medicine. I saw an old picture the other day of a woman with four legs (she had two shrivelled ones coming out her cooch) but now, she'd likely have had them lopped off after she was born. Also, I don't know how long a two-headed baby would live, but there are people who are born with oddities a bit like that- more than one face, or bits where there really shouldn't be any bits- that are fixed up with surgery. I guess not many people have "being in a freak show" as one of their aspirations in life. Go figure. Also, most of them would die, apparently. I think one girl in Asia lived as a mermaid for a few years before her parents got the surgery for her legs to be separated.

Thanks for that book title- I'll have a look into it.
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