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Curiosity's a bitch, innit? Sorry for making you feel like a horrible person, though. Personally, I feel bad for looking at those photos not because I'm looking at all, but because I'm repulsed by them in some cases, and yet I know I'm looking at a living person. It's a bit of "Ew... but aw... but ew..." and then the disgusted part of my brain throws up on the part that feels sorry for them, and I end up checking my email instead.

On a different note (and apologies in advance for any guilt this may cause you)...

Have you seen the picture of the "Tree-man?" Apparently he's getting medication, so he's kind of healing up now (he has some kind of horrible wart-disease that's actally treatable now) but I remember a friend showed me pictures from when he was in the worst of it... 0_0. He really does look like a tree.
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