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Originally Posted by pixie View Post
I think a lot of potential freak shows are ruined by the advancements of science/medicine. I saw an old picture the other day of a woman with four legs (she had two shrivelled ones coming out her cooch) but now, she'd likely have had them lopped off after she was born. Also, I don't know how long a two-headed baby would live, but there are people who are born with oddities a bit like that- more than one face, or bits where there really shouldn't be any bits- that are fixed up with surgery. I guess not many people have "being in a freak show" as one of their aspirations in life. Go figure. Also, most of them would die, apparently. I think one girl in Asia lived as a mermaid for a few years before her parents got the surgery for her legs to be separated. .
Good point. But consider that a lot of them died back then too. Also if there was a way to exploit people's curiosity, make money out of it and dont be humiliated in the news by fake pity, maybe people wont use the surgery (which could be risky).

According to Mannix' s book, they lived as a part of society, very united and with normal interactions with people and each other.

It's a push (since i dont know what i would really do if it happened) but i think that if, for some reason i lost all my limbs and became a functioning human torso, i'd rather have people pay me to see me, rather than being the subject of a weepy tv special that makes "nice" ladies weep a little before they go back to their lives.
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