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Originally Posted by SSG View Post
I'm done arguing my point with you, simply because you refuse to see what I actually post. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are blameless saints in the matter, yet Israel is the primary agressor.

That said, never mar someone's credentials before you are aware of them. I'm terribly sorry that you encountered someone more informed than you on the subject - it must be eating away at your fragile ego. I am, in fact, a student of history. I will soon complete a degree in history with a concentration on the Middle East - I was writing papers on this topic when you were still suckling your momma's teat. My studies have been interspersed with three years (and I was always taught three is more than two) of living in the Middle East. Hmm, it would appear I am much more informed and experienced than you after all. I'm afraid I don't "feel like a bitch" like you proclaimed. Please inform me of what that feels like since you now obviously know.
Okay, but didn't he live in Jordan, the state responsible for administering the West Bank between '48 and '67, and a border state to Israel? Wouldn't living there be more pertinent to the study of Israeli history than being in Iraq? I mean, the Middle East is a big place. Not all areas are equally valuable for the study of certain issues of regional history.

As to being more informed, that's irrelevant if you aren't constructing a strong or relevant argument.

The issue here is not the entire history of Israel, but rather a specific Israeli policy dating back to 2007.

And congrats on the Middle East focus. I'm six credits away from finishing my history degree with Mid-East emphasis.
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