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Eminem's Recovery

Eminem's newest album, Recovery has leaked. I just finished listening to it, and I have to say, I am incredibly pleased with it. This is without a doubt his best album since Eminem Show, and personally, I think I like it even more than ES. With Relapse being such a let down, I was really worried that Eminem had possibly lost his touch, but I had faith in him and decided to wait a while longer, all the songs he's been featured in lately have him spitting insane raps, so I hoped that was a sign that Recovery would at least be a good come back.


Also has some epic samples, including Black Sabbath's "Changes" and "Cry Little Sister" from Lost Boys and has a few guests on the album.

Every song has some great rapping, the only times the album isn't absolutely amazing, is when some beats just aren't as good as others. But it is a great album, I was wondering if any of you here are also fans and have listened to the album...what your thoughts are.
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