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Originally Posted by DaveNJ View Post
Ever get to see Petra? That place is the shit.
yeah, very cool -- only seen by white man in the last 100 years. Hiked up desert rivers (wadi's) and swam in the dead sea (of course, the other side from where Keith & Chemda swam in it).

The coolest part about Jordan is that area was all roman occupied at one point, so in the middle of this arab area, dotted amongst the mosques & minarets were roman amphitheaters and in some places huge roman columns line the streets. I'm not big on architecture, but its interesting to see two cultures collide in such an obvious way. The Jordanians were very big on preserving all that, too.

but now we're off-topic, , If nothing else maybe this showed that I'm not blindly an Israel supporter, and can certainly sympathize with (some) arab nations involved in this.

"Hahaha too easy" -- Trent said in the thread about the story about Trent
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