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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Of course Sabbath is musically superior, but what's the point of stating that in an EMinem's thread. Rappers and Electronic artists have been using samples for ages. Are we going on their sites calling them thieves and questioning theiur value. Please go first, i'm yawning at the mere thought.

Also, being an hard ass purist that hates any contaminations between genre is a classic way of thinking of a lot of metal or rock listeners. But that doesnt mean they're right.
Liking only Kobe Beef Burgers doesnt mean that every other food is poison. It means you have a good but sadly limited taste.

That's the type of stiffness that has turned people off good heavy rock and made it the cartoonish joke that its becoming today.
How in the hell is rap "every other food"? This isn't a discussion of the broad field of musical genres; this is a discussion of two. I don't like rap. I don't like rap when it's purely rap, I don't like rap when it's fused with rock, metal, or any other type of music because I don't like rap. If we're going to use your burger analogy, if I don't like every single kind of burger (including rat burgers) I'm "sadly limited".

Secondly, nobody called Eminem a thief. All that was said is that he is musically inferior to that which he sampled. Though I find it funny that you defend sampling by simply saying it's been done a lot. So what? That means nothing. When I go into Final Destination, am I suddenly not allowed to say it sucks because it has a storied history of sucking?

All you're doing is constructing an argument where I'm obliged to like rap, or else I'm an ass backwards elitotard. That's bullshit.

Its funny how having an insatiable passion for a type of music is dressed up as a closed-minded frothing moron, and frequently this is done by musically shallow people who have a broad taste, but one that doesn't mean much to them.

Metal is Kobe Beef because it's that superior to everything else to me, and the best part is I can have as much as I want. Don't get mad at me because everything tastes the same to you.

Also, you've inevitably done what every person who complains about haters does: drawn out far more of it than ever would have been in the thread in the first place.
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