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Originally Posted by Saint Marcos View Post
Sorry, but I accepted your acquiesence back when all you had to say was 'fucking idiot'.

Oh, and your time on a sheltered military base doesn't count as living amongst them, even if you were there 1 year more than me. Try living within the culture you amercentric douchebag. I lived in Amman, in the city, with arabs above, below, left and right -- your barracks hardly counts as counter-culture.
Actually, I did live with the culture, you ignorant shit. On a daily basis I spoke to Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Armenians, Pakistanis, Syrians, Afghanis, Turks, Kurdish (both civilian and military), in addition to representatives from nearly every NATO country. I did not stay in my barracks on a "sheltered" base. I was out in the red zone, everyday, interacting with the Iraqis (though normally from the end of a machine gun).
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