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Originally Posted by club america View Post
The US-England match was the most exiting match so far, and both teams played a good game, although England was better and were unlucky the ball slipped past their keeper.

The Argentina game was somewhat boring, the team collectively isn't looking so well...........
USA vs England was interesting but the quality fell off badly over the last 20 or so minutes. Maybe it was the high altitude but suddenly even the likes of Gerrard and Lampard were making schoolboy errors of judgement, as if their spatial awareness was shot by fatigue. USA were maybe lucky Green caught a shitty bounce for that seemingly soft goal but they were also unlucky Altidore didn't convert his two superb chances. USA could easily have won. And that Tim Howard is a really world class goalkeeper for the US, he's like a big orange beast between the sticks.

And I get why some people might not have enjoyed watching Argentina with their tactical passing possession game but to me it was great drama. Messi and Tevez are wizards and it was only Vincent Enyeama the freakishly acrobatic Nigerian goalkeeper that saved Nigeria from going three or four goals down.

Best of all was Maradona stalking his technical area. The Madman was on camera more often than some of the players.

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