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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Messi wasn't "missing" every time, he had some great shots on target but Enyeama was able to Superman across and deflect.

I think you're right that Argentina could have trouble against more streetwise defences though. Against Holland and Germany for example I think they could find themselves missing a combative centre forward. Tevez and Messi are small and quick and skillfull but they'd be more effective if they had some Batistuta type muscle up front to play off of, and Higuain and Milito don't really seem to offer that.

Of course it's all academic since New Zealand is going to sweep them all aside on the way to glory.
Ha ha ha. I didn't claim messi was missing everytime, but he didn't play like he plays at barca, perhaps because he didn't have two great mids like xavi and iniesta serving him with great passes and arming beautiful plays the whole game while he floats around the pitch.
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