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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
I watched the last half hour of that USA-England game, and man, I don't think I've ever been so bored. Granted, as a US citizen I want the US to beat everyone else's ass, but I don't see why anyone could be a fan of this sport -- even if it's just every four years.
People watch a ton of stupid shit events in the Olympics and Winter Olympics every for years. They never watch races, curling, judo, gymnastics, etc. Don't really necessarily care for any of the sports...but they watch to root for America. They might even get excited and pumped about it...every 4 years.

Same with The World Cup, except for that, soccer is popular in America (kinda, not half as much as in almost any other country) all throughout the year, every year. MLS has been growing ever since it started thanks to the 94 World Cup.

So yeah, it does seem that more people are giving a fuck about the sport now, than usual. But that's to be expected when you get the biggest event in any sport....more people will care than usual, especially if it's international, because you hope your country does well.

Whether or not you find soccer fun/exciting/worth watching, isn't something I can argue with. I think it's one of the more interesting sports, though in general I'm not a sports guy. If you don't like it, that's cool...I just don't get your complaint about it's "sudden popularity"...
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