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It's EA week on Steam, today's sale is the Crysis games for half price.

@bansama figured out that Valve were just swapping out day name for the banners sooo:

Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
My gf and I play Splosion man Co-op, and be warned: its frustratingly difficult. The difficulty curve goes from 0-100 VERY fast.

Its definitely worth that price tag, and could be a bit easier solo.

I might pick up trials hd, but I have already sunk 2 hours playing the demo alone. So im kind of afraid that if I buy the full version I will spend 50+ pointless hours obssesively playing 4 levels until perfection. Im normally not a game perfectionist, but something about that title in particular really makes me go compulsively insane and hate myself.
I've seen your Geometry Wars scores.

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